About The Swamp Report:

Col. Francis Marion, as a guerrilla in the American Revolution,  engaged in “hit and run” actions against the British. His tactics leveraged superior intelligence and knowledge of local terrain, including the southern swamps to which he would sometimes retire. Today we report from the swamp, offering information and insight for thinking investors, who believe that states’ rights and limited federal government with economic, religious and political freedom leads to economic prosperity for all.

We believe the idea that the top must be brought down to raise the bottom up is a false choice that leads only to mediocrity.  The only way for improvements in our standard of living over time is to increase the possibility for individuals to better themselves above the average…and beyond their dreams.  We welcome others who desire to help us spread information useful to achieving economic prosperity in spite of oppressive big government.

The Team:

J.D. Swampfox – BA in Physics, Ph.D. in Finance, investor, problem solver, professor focused on technology commercialization, experienced in commercial lending, portfolio management, construction, agriculture, hotels and technology start-ups.

Minute Man – BS in Economics, MS in Engineering, MBA. Investor and software engineer. Experience in portfolio management as well as BioTech, Web, and other technology start-ups.