There’s a great review of Ron Paul’s book and his efforts to audit the FED at the Ludwig von Mises site.  Worth the read…

Dr. Paul’s fight for freedom has not been confined to the issue of sound money. He has also led the struggle against interventionist and imperialist foreign policy. But the fight for liberty is seamless, and he shows that an aggressive foreign policy depends on government control of the money supply:

It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking. When governments had to fund their own wars without a paper money machine to rely upon, they economized on resources. They found diplomatic solutions to prevent war, and after they started a war they ended it as soon as possible. (p. 63)

The book contains an abundance of other arguments against our current monetary system, e.g., that it violates the Constitution. Readers will discover Thomas Paine’s poor opinion of paper money, and even how monetary debasement helped bring the Byzantine Empire to ruin. Those who have absorbed the book’s message will come to a clear conclusion: End the Fed.

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