Charles Hugh Smith has a good piece on he asks (answering in the affirmative) Could a Viable Third Party Emerge in the U.S.? Smith points to the recent victory of the relatively new Democratic party over the corrupt and elite-owned LDP in Japan to suggest that its possible in the US.  Smith also points to the demise of the old guard Whig party in the 1850′s and the subsequent viability of the Republican party whose membership grew not just from disaffected/disillusioned Whigs but also from defections from the Democratic party. Today, the Modern Whig Party, as the “party for the rest of us”, offers the following six simple tenets:

  • Fiscal responsibility – “The Modern Whig philosophy is to empower the states with the resources to handle their unique affairs.”
  • Energy independence – “Reduce dependence on foreign oil by developing practical sources of alternative energy. This will have the simultaneous effect of changing the national security dynamic.”
  • Education/Scientific advancement – “Increased public and private emphasis on fields such as space, oceanic, medical and nanotechnology. Also, providing common-sense solutions to enhance our educational system from pre-school to university-level studies.”
  • States’ rights – “Each state can determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs.”
  • Social progression – “Government should refrain from legislating morality.”
  • Veterans affairs – “Vigilant advocacy relating to the medical, financial, and overall well-being of our military families and veterans.”

While we sympathize with the Irag and Afghan War veterans who led the formation of this party, we would suggest the last tenet be relabeled as something along the lines of  “Strong National Defense” rather than “veteran’s affairs”, due to the simple fact that veterans are, after all, a special interest group and a party should not be built around a special interest group.  However, a strong national defense cannot long be maintained without taking care of the nation’s defenders.

One thing is for sure, the corrupt, elitist, central government building “Republicrats” or “Demoplicans” have got to go.

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