Bill Freeza suggests now is the time for a new third party to focus the anger of the American people into the really needed action – voting bums from both parties out of office. We agree.  As a practical matter the new party platform must be created in such a way that new membership in the new party is drawn equally from both republicans and dems.  In this way the new party does not serve to cause one of the old parties to win – but, rather causes both old parities to loose!  We posted on this previously… Lincoln was one of the first to join the new Republican party in the 1840s. Membership in the new Republican party consisted first of disaffected and demoralized Whigs.  But soon the ranks swelled equally from democrats who also hated what their old party had become.  It’s an ideal time to relegate both parties to the bone yard since their leaderships are equally owned by the banksters.  It’s all in the platform, that we agree on…If we craft the right platform the existing parties’ corruption will be given their walking papers.