Dave Callaway tells Market Watch the market was looking for a relief rally. It appears we now need a “cash for Christmas” government program to keep us going…

Market Watch has a sad but true story by Paul Farrell listing the evidence demonstrating that the banks are running the show:

‘But in real life, Hank, Goldman and Wall Street’s mercenaries are winning the war. Read and weep Portfolio’s chilling finale: ”

GOP or Dems? Conservatives or liberals? It doesn’t matter. We’ll all controlled by “The Conspiracy.” So why not surrender, let them have the power? The truth is, through their lobbyists and surrogates in Washington, they already rule America. Surrender is a mere formality.”
Read and weep, indeed.  Then, think!  What are you going to do about it? Truth can still win, as markets reject the sleight of hand of the bank/government partnership.