TPC quotes Annaly Capital Management, who uses the following chart:

This chart makes the point that:

The primary function of government now seems to be transferring wealth from one group to another through programs like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment benefits, the new health care system, etc. It’s hard to consider this kind of spending stimulative…

As the federal government’s main reason for existence has evolved from protecting its citizens to that of a Robin Hood, the Top 10% of all earners, from whom all this wealth is “transferred”,  are forced to pay an ever rising burden of the cost of “government”, including the ruling elite’s “commission”.  IRS data on the share of taxes these earners pay allowed us to prepare the following chart.  As the chart indicates, the top 10% earners will soon be tapped out.  Once the pot-of-wealth from which our government transfers runs dry the primary function of this government ceases to exist.